A Cost-Effective System for Automated Scrub Management
Automated Scrub Management, Saves money, Ensures scrubs are available, Simplifies the management, avoids infection
Automated Scrub Management
• Saves money on your scrub replacement and laundry costs
• Ensures scrubs are available to your staff when required
• Simplifies the management of your scrub service
• Manage infection control

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ScrubServe dispensers only issue clean scrubs to authorised staff. Each staff member can access a clean scrub set on a one-for-one exchange basis
Automated Scrub Dispensers

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ScrubServe helps to eliminate possible cross-infection by specifically separating clean scrub dispensing from soiled scrub receiving
Secure, guaranteed soiled scrub returns

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ScrubServe scales to the capacity you require, a Master Dispenser has the capacity of 88 compartments
Inclusive software simplifies system management

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LEF Systems introduce ScrubServe as an addition to their range of uniform automation products.

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With ScrubServe only authorised staff can obtain access to clean scrubs, and staff must return the soiled scrubs they have before they can access further clean items. ScrubServe can securely dispense theatre scrubs, smaller uniform items, uniform accessories, aprons, mops, towels, and disposable items such as lab-coats.

Staff will no longer be able to hoard scrubs in their locker, unauthorised staff will no longer have access, and staff that require clean scrubs can be confident of obtaining the size they require, when they need it.

Scrub automation can reduce your annual scrub replacement costs by 90%, and reduce associated laundry costs by 40%.

By ensuring scrubs are only issued to authorised staff, and that they are securely returned after use, your inventory replacement costs and associated laundry costs can be controlled and minimised.

ScrubServe - Automated Scrub Management System

Master Dispenser- Capacity 88

Master Dispenser- Capacity 88

Aux Dispenser - Capacity 88

Aux Dispenser - Capacity 88


ScrubServe has a compact footprint, only 39" wide, 18" deep and 72" high, Dispenser and Receiver units can be conveniently and unobtrusively located in corridors and locker rooms. ScrubServe Dispenser and Receiver units are straightforward to install, we can assist with the installation should you require our assistance.