A Cost-Effective System for Automated Scrub Management
ScrubServe helps to eliminate possible cross-infection by specifically separating clean scrub dispensing from soiled scrub receiving

Frequently asked questions

What items can I issue from ScrubServe?
Anything that will fit into each of the 88 compartments - scrub wear, lab coats, aprons, hats, PPE, tools, towels, kitchen cloths, disposable items, ties, accessories etc...

What if I need more than 88 compartments?
Each Dispenser has 88 compartments, so simply add extra Dispensers for the capacity you require.
Remember, you can refill each Dispenser as many times as you need to effectively increase capacity.What size is each compartment? Height 160mm Width 79mm Draw 300mm

What size is each compartment?
The dimensions of the compartment are as 160mm (6.5") High 79mm (3.1") Width 300mm (11.8") Draw. Click to view image.

Can the compartment size be altered to fit the size of my items?
Yes, just let us know the overall size of the items you wish to store, we can modify the drawer.

What size are the Dispenser and Receiver?
Both Dispenser and Receiver are 1000mm wide (39”), 460mm deep (18”), 1830mm (72”) high.

How high is the top of the highest drawer?
The top of Drawer #1 is at 1520mm (60”).

How do I obtain a clean item?
Easy – ScrubServe is a secure cabinet until you use your ID-card (or PIN). Once your ID is verified you can select the item required from the touch-screen contents list. The correct drawer is then unlocked. When you open the drawer only one compartment will be accessible containing the item you selected. Simply remove the item and close the drawer which will be locked ready for the next user.

Can the Dispenser be used separately without the Receiver?
Yes, the Dispenser can be used without the soiled return Receiver.  The Dispenser will happily issue clean items on its own. You will lose strict credit control, but if you need to limit access to clean items you can still use the “Recent Use Inhibit” programming feature.

What is the PC software for?
We provide ScrubServe management software free of charge. Installing a system with our centralised PC software allows you to configure and manage the entire system from one simple application. Using the PC, adding and removing users, configuring the compartment contents and generating reports is easy and allows centralised management of your complete system.

Alternatively, can the Dispensers and Receivers be installed without the PC software?
Yes, simply locate the units where you want, and plug them in! The Dispensers can be used without centralised software - it is a simple procedure to manually program the user card numbers and compartment contents at each standalone Dispenser.

How much does it cost to install ScrubServe?
Nothing - if you want a standalone system with no PC software, you can simply purchase and install units yourself. Programming the Dispensers is straightforward and we can assist you with that.

What connections does ScrubServe require?
Only a standard mains outlet socket. A site network connection is only required for optional remote support or for an optional centralised system with PC software.

Is it easy to maintain ScrubServe?
Yes, ScrubServe is a vending machine with minimal moving parts, designed to be reliable. Connecting each Dispenser to your network can provide us with Internet remote support. We can then assist your on site IT or engineers to remedy any issues.If you wish, we can also provide a cost for a preventative maintenance and service plan.

To what locations can you provide ScrubServe?
We are a UK based company that can provide ScrubServe anywhere, contact us, tell us what you require and we will provide a cost. If you are a distributor and wish to work with us, please contact us.

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