A Cost-Effective System for Automated Scrub Management
ScrubServe dispensers only issue clean scrubs to authorised staff. Each staff member can access a clean scrub set on a one-for-one exchange basis

Secure Automated Scrub Dispensing

Download our dispensers information datasheetThe ScrubServe scrub management system is based on Dispenser and Receiver combinations. The Dispenser only issues clean scrubs to staff that have credit. Typically, each staff member is allocated a credit of 1 so they can access a clean scrub set on a one-for-one exchange basis.

The actual credit limit is flexible and can be set within the management software. Once staff reach their credit limit they cannot access further clean scrubs until they have securely returned the soiled scrubs in their possession.ScrubServe Medical Scrub Dispenser

Each Dispenser unit consists of 8 locked drawers, which are secure and cannot be opened. Within each drawer there are 11 separately locked compartments. Each Dispenser unit stores up to 88 scrub sets (or 88 individual scrub items).

ScrubServe automated Medical Scrub DispenserEach compartment can be programmed to contain any particular scrub set size combination. It would be typical to divide up the number of compartments between the size combinations that are required to be issued.

In the idle situation, the Dispenser touch-screen displays "Touch ID-card on reader for service".

Staff using their ID-card can immediately select their last set size (or an alternative). Within 2-seconds "Open Drawer 3" will be displayed (drawer 3 being an example).

Only drawer 3 is unlocked and the staff member can only open that drawer.
Upon opening the drawer only one compartment will be accessible, the compartment containing their requested scrub set, as shown opposite.

Fast dispensing, no wait between uses

ScrubServe delivers fast - from the moment a staff member uses their ID-card, a drawer will be opened within 2-seconds. Once the staff member has removed their uniform item from the drawer compartment the unit is immediately available for the next user.


ScrubServe scales to the capacity you require, a Master Dispenser has the capacity of 88 compartments

Flexible and scalable

ScrubServe is a modular system, any number of Dispenser units can be installed to cater for your exact requirements.
Our range of Dispensers and Receivers can be located in corridors or within locker rooms.

Dispenser drawers are easily refilled directly, extra floor space is not required to further access the Dispenser unit.

The ScrubServe system does not constrain you to a range of fixed sized Dispensers.

Scrub Serve scales to the actual capacity you require, each Master Dispenser has the capacity of 88 compartments.
To increase the system capacity in increments of 88 compartments, simply add additional adjacent Auxiliary Dispensers.

The Master Dispenser, combined with adjacent Auxiliary units, allows ScrubServe to be specified to your exact capacity requirements.


Intelligent and user friendly

Uniquely, during the idle situation each Dispenser will graphically display the current real-time stock levels inside the Dispenser. This unique, user-friendly feature, allows your operators and staff to see the exact in-stock status for each Dispenser.

ScrubServe is designed to minimise the time your staff spend looking for an available scrub set. Staff requiring a scrub set that happens to be out of stock can be informed of the nearest Dispenser that has available stock via the touch-screen.

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